Our Story

This sacred tree is honored as ``I swear by the fig and the olive`` in Surah Tin of the Qur'an

It spreads from Mesopotamia to the whole world. Its story continues from ancient times to the present day. The olive, which is the source of life in the Mediterranean world and referred to as the “Immortal Tree” in most myths, is considered a gift of God to mankind.Everyone has different stories among the green leaves of this sacred tree, whose shade we grew up with, and the Masmana story is one of them.

We set out to contribute to this story, which was started to be written by our grandfathers. We hope those who come after us continue our mission, as members of families producing olives. Growing up in olive groves in a geography where olive oil is used in daily life, from nutrition to health and even childcare, forms the basis of our respect for this sacred tree.Masmana’s struggle is to deliver this miraculous product, which we grow in our own fields, directly to your tables. As Masmana, we continue to work to leave small traces in life in the shadow of the olive trees that we try to grow with our love.

Praise be to this tree, which has been our source of health, peace, and livelihood for 4 generations. Praise be to our God, who bestowed upon us this sacred tree, which has many benefits, including delaying aging in humans.