Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Tbsp (15 Ml) 14 gr"
Energy 120 kcal
Protein 0g
Total Fat 14g
Saturated Fat 2g
Trans Fat og
Polyunsaturated Fats 1g
Monounsaturated Fats 11g
Carbohydrate 0g
Vitamin E (alfa tokoferol) 2.76
Vitamin K 8,43ug
Potassium 1mg
Pphosphorus 1mg
Calcium 6,8g
Iron 1mg
Polyphenol 600+ mg/kg
Acid 0,22
İşleme Cold Pressed (below 24℃- 27℃), olives were processed within 4 hours after picking
Resource Obtained from the olive groves of Kilis Kuzuini Region.

Masmana Old Season

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High Polyphenol Drinkable Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 Ml

Product Description: 100% Natural, early harvest ,polphenol rich, first cold press  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Originated from: Crafted predominatly from Ancient trees of nortwest region olives of kilis province 

Variety: Kilis Yağlık

Cultivation: Bio Dynamic, Certified Natural, no chemicals involve(chemical-free)

Harvest: Supremely Early (until September 15th)

Extraction: Cold Extraction (Temperature below 25 ℃), within 6 hours from harvest. No heat or water involved

Organoleptic characteristics: Robust, Intensively bitter & spicy, balanced fruity notes, brilliant green color.  

Polyphenols: 600+ mg/kg(mg/kg of ΗΤ, Τ and their derivatives by HPLC method of measurement)

Recommended Daily Intake (RDI): 1 tbsp in emty stomach  (approx 14 gr) 

Energy / RDI:124 kcal

Acidity (%): 0.26 (max 0.80)

Vitamin E / 100ml:22mg (183% RI) International Certifications (Available on Demand) 

International Awards:2021 London IOOC Sılver Award.  2021 Japan IOOC Silver Award.  2021 Mılano  IOOC Gold Award.  2022 New York IOOC Sılver Award.  2022 Dubaı IOOC Gold Award.  2022 Berlin IOOC 2 Gold Award.  2022 Japan IOOC Gold Award


Ideal for: Boosting your health and longevity

Recommended for: Any one who like to be healty and happy 

Customer ratings: 5*

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