If you are looking to reduce your cholesterol, it's recommended to include quality olive oil in your diet. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with healthy fats, which helps lower bad cholesterol levels. There is a lot of bad information about olive oil for causing high cholesterol, and it's because of the low-grade olive oils out there.

Can EVOO cause high cholesterol?

No. Olive oil does not increase cholesterol. Olive oil polyphenols increase the size of HDL particles. These HDL particles remove the fat and the cholesterol from the cells and enable the transportation to the liver for re-absorption or removal from the body. Extra virgin olive oil is a natural and powerful antioxidant and has polyphenols that can protect against heart disease. It helps improve overall health, and one can indeed balance cholesterol with high polyphenol olive oil. 

Olive oil can be bad for you if you waste your hard-earned money on inferior, low-grade olive oil. Our product has won many awards and has been consumed by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Source the best, and don't worry about your cholesterol levels!